Terms and Conditions of Spa Vouchers

1. The value of all Dzen spa vouchers (the “Spa Vouchers”) are denominated in the United States Dollars.
2. All Spa Vouchers are issued by Dzen Spas Pte. Ltd.
3. The Spa Vouchers shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and thereafter, any unutilized value in any Spa Voucher shall be invalid. For clarification, all Spa Vouchers issued and/or dated more than a year ago are invalid for any purpose.
4. The Management shall not be liable for any refund, issue compensation or be responsible for the non-usage of any Spa Vouchers.
5. No extension or renewal of the validity of the Spa Vouchers shall be permitted.
6. Spa Vouchers may be redeemed for spa treatments at any Spa Facility and may be used in conjunction with the applicable membership discount on presentation of the Spa Vouchers together with the Member’s Membership Card at the time of payment.
7. The use of the Spa Vouchers does not automatically entitle the Member and his Guests to the use of services at the Spa Facility as this is subject to availability and it is recommended that the Member make the necessary reservations prior to his visit to the Spa Facility. All reservations are first come first serve basis and are subject to always to availability.
8. Spa Vouchers may be utilized by Guests accompanied by and at the request of the Member to the Management. Save as provided in the foregoing, the Spa Vouchers are strictly non-transferable.
9. All spa treatments shall be subject to the applicable government taxes and prevailing service charges. The amount of such taxes and charges shall be deducted accordingly from the value of the Spa Vouchers.
10. The Spa Vouchers are not refundable or exchangeable for cash.
11. Members may not distribute or resell these Spa Vouchers to any party in any manner.
12. Upon the use of the Spa Vouchers at any Spa Facility, the Spa Vouchers shall be retained by the Management. No change will be given for under utilization.
13. Due to local regulatory requirements, spa treatment prices may be quoted in local currency at selected Spa Facilities. In such instances, the Spa Voucher’s value will be converted to the local currency at the time of payment, based on an exchange rate as determined to be applicable in the sole and absolute discretion of the Management. The Management shall not be liable to account for any cost or loss in the value of the Spa Vouchers due to such currency conversion. There will be no refund or compensation of any unused balance after such conversion and the same is deemed to be forfeited.
14. The Member shall be required to pay for any shortfall of any amount payable and due if the charges for spa treatments exceed the value of the Spa Vouchers.
15. The Management reserves the sole right and discretion to amend, vary or revise the terms and conditions connected with the Spa Vouchers at any time without notice.